Foto: Wanessa Luz


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Foto: Vanessa Kseib

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Foto: Ilan Dayan

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Gui Cicarelli - Gouts Dripping [Official Music Video]
SCUTTLE BUTTIN'/Say What! no Bourbon Street - (Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Gui Cicarelli - Gouts Dripping [Studio]




Foto: Wanessa Luz

"It was a 'real pleasure' to trade riffs with Gui!  He knows 'his way around the fretboard' - and we had a great time jamming together at Bourbon Street.  I look forward to seeing him the next time around!  Keep playing the Blues!!" - Roy Rogers

"Stevie Ray foi um guitarrista fantástico e é maravilhoso saber que temos um brasileiro que toca isso com tanta propriedade, parabéns Gui!" - Tomati

Inspired by genres such as Blues, Texas Blues, Rock, Funk and Soul. Influenced by names like the great Texas Blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Scott Henderson, David Gilmour, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Albert King. Always obsessed with music Gui started his first Trio in 2012 until it became what it is today.

“I was 11 years old when I started grabbing my father’s acoustic guitar while he was at the shower. When he caught me playing instead of being mad, in fact he loved it and decided to pay me guitar lessons with Fabio Magalhães based on Mozart Mello’s books and methods.”


Gui has already shared the stage with important names of the Blues and Jazz scene like the two living legends Sir Roy Rogers and Sir Lucky Peterson, the new BluesSoul Diva Terrie Odabi from San Francisco, The Cinelli Brothers from London,  Little Joe McLerran from Mississippi and Whitney Shay from San Diego, and Flavio Guimarães, Marcos Ottaviano, Igor Prado and Carlos Tomati from Brazil. He played in important Festivals such as the Bourbon Festival Paraty for 15 thousand people and in great places of the music scene such as Bourbon Street Music Club, a place that had on the same stage figures like Ray Charles, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, Steve Vai and so many others, Gui played also in the Internationally known Venue called Blue Note (Rio de Janeiro) as well as the great Brazilian Rock Temple Manifesto Rock Bar among others.


GC is responsible for leading the band called VAUGHAN and GUI CICARELLI BLUESBAND, a tribute event honoring the Texas Blues idol Stevie Ray Vaughan and his own.




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